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What Is It?

100% Effective

Activated carbon, the most powerful odor absorbent known to science, surpasses virtually any other means of removing contaminants from air and water and now your pet spaces. Other odor control products simply mask bad smells, but Prestige Pet Magic® actually eliminates them by pulling  and trapping odor producing bacteria leaving a fresh, odor-free atmosphere.

100% Safe

Developed by cat loving scientists, our specialized blend of active carbons was manufactured to a unique size to fit all litter types. And because it's highly absorbent it can even extend the life of your litter, saving you money. Cat litters, deodorizers, and air fresheners use masking agents, silica or baking soda that have limited effectiveness. But our odor eliminator keeps smells away for good.

100% Natural

Prestige Pet Magic® is entirely non-toxic, chemical-free, and doesn't include any scents or perfumes, which could irritate your pet. Sprays and powders may remain airborne minutes after application, and can be inhaled by pets (and humans). Our odor eliminator works to expel dangerous airborne bacteria from pet waste, making your home cleaner and healthier for the entire family.

What People Are Saying

An absolutely amazing product. I can't believe the difference it makes.

Sally McKinley

Finally, I can stop buying all those expensive sprays and candles. This stuff works!

Lina Saleh

No more smells. I can have guests over again!

Joshua Paul

It doesn't mask bad smells like other deodorizers, it freaking ELIMINATES them!

Jacob Wyland

Even my six cats are no match for the odor fighting power of this product.

Rami Lalena

It will make your home smell like a pet-free home.

Ruth Rosales
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Prestige Pet Magic

Prestige Pet Magic Odor Eliminator

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The most powerful absorbent known to science, Prestige Pet Magic® actually eliminates odors by pulling them out of the air and trapping them within the granule pores, leaving a fresh, odor-free atmosphere.