What Is It?

Activated carbon, the most powerful absorbent known to science, surpasses virtually any other means of removing contaminants from air and water and now your pet spaces. Other odor control products simply use masking agents, like silica o baking soda that have limited effectiveness, but Prestige Pet Magic® actually traps and eliminates odor-producing bacteria leaving a clean, fresh-smelling atmosphere. 


Activated carbon is basically a sponge that captures odors and takes them out of the air through a process known as Adsorption, which offers the odor-causing compound a more attractive place to reside than circulating in the air. The adsorbed state, which is when the odor compound leaves the air and gets retained inside the activated carbon, is called a “lower energy state”, which is like the molecule falling into a hole and not being able to get out. Brand new activated carbon has lots of unoccupied holes and virtually every compound that passes through falls in a hole and is retained, leaving an odor-free environment.